Malone Writing + Curriculum Services

I began freelancing in 2020 while looking for full-time work. Having always been drawn to entrepreneurship, I continued taking client work even after I started working as an instructional designer in higher education. I formally established MWCS in 2022. Recognizing that entrepreneurship allows me to utilize my skillset as a writer and learning designer in ways that aligns with my passions has been a great gift.

Today, MWCS actively seeks to connect with clients whose missions align with my own. That is, I work with clients in any sector who need a writer or instructional designer to assist in projects, products, or courses which create greater access to education and economic opportunity. I am especially excited when that mission intersects with climate justice and sustainability, which I consider to be the work of our lifetime in the 21st century.

Whether you represent a private-sector or non-profit company, or even a school district or university, please consider MWCS for your writing, learning design, and educational materials needs. I promise to be the writer/designer who prioritizes your mission and the people and environments you serve.

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Brian Malone outside wearing a buttoned up red collared shirt and classes. His hair and beard are cut short and the trees in the background are blurred.

About Brian

I have over three years of experience as an instructional designer in higher education, where I collaborate with faculty and administrators to build accessible, rigorous, and highly contextualized classes for adult learners. I have established myself as a leader among other designers and often speak on topics related to professional development and identity.

By academic training, I am a writer and a linguist. I hold an undergraduate degree in Spanish and graduate degrees in TESL and English. I taught professional writing and linguistics courses on a full and part-time basis for over five years.

Born and raised in Connecticut, I studied in South Carolina and have lived for almost eight years in the Palouse region of the Idaho panhandle. Between starting a career and launching a business during the pandemic, pursuing my hobbies of travel and creative writing has been difficult in recent years. However, I have lived or studied in Spain, Nicaragua, Honduras, Indonesia, and Uruguay at different times. My creative nonfiction and poetry have been published in various online and print literary journals. I continue aspiring toward traveling and writing for fun!